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tw: sexual assault, misogyny, transphobia, and shit

once a dude tried to sexually assault me bc he was super mad at me for trying to trick him into thinking i was a dude when i was clearly a woman who needed to be dicked properly until i decided to be a woman properly

but he didnt assault me for being trans he assaulted me because he thought i was a woman

and i have a lot of mental issues and the way it all falls out is that
i end up

feeling really guilty about this

because like

idk these are things i know are illogical bullshit being spewed by my mental illness

but like "i have no right to feel bad about this because i'm not actually a woman getting upset about it is like if a white guy gets upset about racism after somebody thought he was black or somethign idk. also if i'd been a trans woman i probably would have gotten killed"

so i feel guilty for having been assaulted and i feel guilty for feeling bad about it


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