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whenever there's one of those questionnaire things going around n it's like what would you choose for your superpower i usually put smth else, i think, like flight or some shit idk being able to turn invisible

i never think of shapeshifting fsr nor any other power that wld be a solution for dysphoria n i think thats bc im kind of assuming that in this ideal superpower world i already managed that somehow - my make-believe/self-insert me is Just A Dude not a Trans Dude by default n always has been since before i realized i was not a girl myself :V

but like
no way ok
the ACTUAL superpower that i find myself actually wishing i had it on a regular basis
(but never remember when the question is raised)
i wanna be able
to punch myself in the face
four times
and have enough of myself
to play a full band
and sing multi-part harmony
with myself
because i want to play music
all the music
all of it
1. it is physically impossible to play complex lines on both guitar and piano at the same time
2. i can't sing two notes at once either
3. and to be honest im not a v good guitarist so a lot of the time with the, like, folk-influenced baroque pop i play (i feel so pretentious for using the complex genre term) i can play the guitar perfectly well if i concentrate on it but then the sung melody line is in a different rhythm and i fuck up if i try to do both at once and then im like I WISH I COULD PUNCH MYSELF RIGHT IN THE FACE AND THAT WOULD SOMEHOW SOLVE THIS PROBLEM


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