Jan. 28th, 2014

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thinking a lot trying to work through the feelings i have about having been a victim of sexual assault.Read more... )
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generally speaking i dont mind talking about being trans and being out as trans - i dont PASS, so i cant be STEALTH, so my options irl are either "come out" or "be called she", and the only times i dont opt for being out are the occasions where i feel i might be in danger if they know im a Queer Perverted Freak Of Nature Who Doesn't Know How To Be A Woman Properly; my position on outing myself may very well/probably WILL change once i DO pass because that changes the dynamic and the options available a lot

but i do def hate situations where i feel as if HAVE TO mention being trans and it's not "oh i will mention it because it's a part of my life" it's "i feel like i need to explain my genitalia in detail so other people don't make assumptions"

acknowledgement that the pressure is self-created and there have only been one or two occasions on which another living human being has interrogated me on the topic, tho


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