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Jens, despite all of his tactical genius, had managed to catch the corner of a bolter round from somewhere during the dust-up earlier. Haas had patched him up first before looking over everybody else's cuts and scrapes, and although the bandage showed white through the hole in his uniform and he'd be swinging his sword with his off hand for a while, the dose of pijnstell he'd been forced to take had left him more comfortable than any of the rest of them were for the moment. He didn't seem to appreciate this advantage much. Somehow his wound was Sander's fault; Sander was loudly disappointed that it hadn't been fatal; Brekt had gotten fed up with playing the net in their tennis game and had volunteered himself for guard duty, and Duiker was almost ready to go out and join him despite having only just found a way to lie down that didn't put weight on any of the collection of bruises he'd picked up during a hasty descent off a roof he'd been sniping from.

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another of my Errant Valour stories (first, second). this is a prequel and takes place when brekt was around

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Warhammer 40k original characters: Fireteam Errant Valour, a unit of the Imperial Guard roughly equivalent to a squad of Army Rangers.
Warnings: character death

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I need to hire a ghostwriter for fight sequences. Also it's incredibly hard to write Warhammer 40k fiction if you can't write fight scenes for shit. Also also it's hard to write 40k fiction if you can't bring yourself to write kinda purple. I feel like my lede graf in this thing I'm working on is RIDICULOUS but I might be oversensitive to purpleness in my prose. (The bits I've posted about Fimimunda are ridiculous. This is unrelated to them and is in fact part of my Ridiculous World-Building Project That Came Into Existence Solely To Justify My Chemical Romance's Black Parade Uniforms)

Flarelight fell in intermittent stripes through shattered holes in the great stone wall; fragments of stained glass still clung in places to what was left of windowframes, pouring patches of color onto the scene below. The building had once been a transit terminal; now it was a charnel-house.

And then my little fireteam of ELITE GUARDSMEN spend the whole thing swearing at each other and smarting off on the voxcasters because I can't maintain srs
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wake up in the mornin feelin kinda shitty
grab my gun im out the door gotta defend some city
before i leave do PT and some jumpin jacks
cuz the emperor wants me swole n i might not come back ( ._.)
carapace on our tor...soes
camo on all our clothes clothes
xenos blowin up our homes homes
droppoddin, chimera full of grunts grunts
pullin up to the front front
hold up gotta smoke a bllluuuuuuunt
dont stop make it pop gonna blow some xenos up tonight ima fight til i see the sunlight tik tok on the clock but the battle dont stop no
aint got a care in the world but got plenty of fear
aint got no money in my pocket but im already here
now the nids are linin up cuz they think we look yummy
but we hit em with our flashlights cuz gettin et would be crummy ( ._.)

<@owltiem> shiiiiiit i'm drawing a blank on the next few lines
<@owltiem> until the commissar shut us down down
<@owltiem> commissar shut us down
<@owltiem> commissar shot us *record thing*
<@owltiem> instead of the record dying
<@owltiem> there's just
<@owltiem> a gunshot
<@owltiem> still
<@owltiem> that's most of the song
<@owltiem> i think i did okay


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