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If you've never met the Saint, you can understand him quite readily by absorbing the simple idea that, although he is what one would consider a thief, he is not a burglar; audacity is always preferable to slinking out the back way.  For instance, the ideal way to rob a bank is by making an appointment with the bank manager, sitting in the office, sharing a cigar, and then saying in a conversational tone: "By the way, this is a stick-up."Read more... )
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The Charteris fan club has just sent out the news that they are OFFICIALLY starting work on a new Saint television series.  James Purefoy (Marc Antony in HBO's Rome, usually his head does not look as massive as it does in that pic hopefully) will be playing Simon Templar, and they'll be starting filming in Berlin and Australia in April. 

I have no idea how I feel about this.  On the one hand, the more exposure for the Saint, the better, right? 
But on the other, I'm terrified they'll do it wrong, and if it doesn't do well the whole franchise'll probably flop (so much for me marketing my screenplay trilogy), and if it DOES do well there'll be a plethora of fans who only know the TV series, which will at best be (modern reinterpretation of) postwar Saint (not nearly as much fun as the 1930s Saint I write, in my not-so-very-humble opinion - I honestly don't even enjoy the 1950s-60s books as much, much less the Roger Moore TV series)... plus I'm basically married to my personal casting choices and to hell with this James Purefoy I've been picturing Jude Law since page one of the first book I picked up, lol. 

So yeah I'm torn -
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No one is going to get my level in Goon Pixel Tower.

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So he AWOLed from the Spanish Foreign Legion.  There's a pretty narrow period in which this could've happened, since it was only formed in '20; of course, there'd only be one or two years before that when he'd have been old enough anyway, so yeah, whatever.  Some random facts about 'em, off Wikipedia:

  • Its members, regardless of rank, are titled Caballero Legionario ("Knight Legionnaire").
  • Legionnaires consider themselves novios de la muerte ("bridegrooms of death").
  • Legionnaires are never supposed to abandon a comrade on the battlefield; they must try to help him until all have perished, if necessary.
  • The legion's motto was Viva la muerte! ("Long live death!")
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Medium:  Books
Fandom: The Saint
Subject: Simon/Patricia/Norman
Title: Bizarre Love Triangle
Warnings: Spoilers for The Last Hero/The Saint Closes The Case, but in my defense they are spoilers which Leslie Charteris put into the prologue, and are usually printed on the back cover blurb too.

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The Execrable Explorer

A prequel. How Simon took revenge upon a crooked Egyptologist, Roger realized he was in lurve, and they both got tons of boodle. PG for Kissin' and A Couple Dudes Die But Not Messily and There's A Snake.

8,394 words of both S/R and S&R.  Rated PG for kissin' and angst about possible homosexuality. )--- If you read Part One the first time I posted it, click here to start at the part you haven't read yet. )
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title: A Modern Prometheus, If That's The Greek Chap I'm Thinking Of: A Romance
by: [livejournal.com profile] chikkiboo
fandom: P.G. Wodehouse
characters: Mostly original, using characters from Psmith's world, and also cameos from characters from The Saint
rated: G
for: [livejournal.com profile] all_hallows_fic
prompt: monster: Frankenstein's Monster
disclaim: The characters of Euphonia Smith and Beatrice Van Walden belong to me.  All others are the property of their respective creators.  No infringement upon the rights of P.G. Wodehouse, Leslie Charteris, Mary Shelley, or anyone else is intended.  Do not take internally.
notes: The horror element is very understated.  Also, it's about 3,600 words, so you might want to get a cup of tea to drink while you read.

It all started when I accepted that invitation to stay a few weeks in Shropshire... )
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A one-night liaison between French gentleman-cabrioleur Arsène Lupin and an Englishwoman named Sarah Talbot resulted in a son, and Sarah's death in childbed.  The orphaned offspring, christened Samuel, was subsequently raised by his grandmother at her country home in Essex.  His boyhood was a happy one, if rather lonely, for although his grandmother raised him with care he had no playmates; however, he was blessed with a vivid imagination, and entertained himself by absorbing every adventure story he could lay his hands upon.

Following his grandmother's death when he was ten, he was sent to an orphanage; being nimble of both mind and hand and cleverly charismatic even at that tender age, his tenure there was not the misery that others have experienced in similar circumstances - although the staff of the institution were not sorry to bid him farewell when the time came, despite concurrently bidding farewell to a rather large proportion of their fenceable goods.

Upon being superannuated at the age of 16, young Sam Talbot attempted to enlist for the War, but was turned away due to his youth.  He made several subsequent attempts, falsifying his age and living, meanwhile, by theft and con-artistry, before finally being accepted near his 17th birthday, mere weeks before the Armistice.  He made it through the rather rudimentary training process to which the English army had by that time been reduced, and was, in fact, in France being shuttled toward the trenches when peace broke out; and so, not being particularly enthusiastic about serving if there were no battles to fight, he went absent without leave on November 12.

For the next year he rambled across the war-torn shambles of Western Europe under a series of pseudonyms, enjoying his own take on the traditional Grand Tour.  October 28, 1919 found him in a small town in southern France, following up on a legend he had heard regarding a lost medieval knight's treasure in the ruins of a castle there; it just so happened to be his eighteenth birthday, as well as a saint's feast day, and this confluence of circumstances combined to inspire him to take the name by which he would be known for the rest of his increasingly noteworthy life:

Simon Templar.


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