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The first arrival almost went unnoticed.  Scout just happened to catch a glimpse of a figure on the road outside as he ran past the main gate in mid-battle, and he backpedalled to look.  "Hey, guys," he said over his radio, "there's somebody walkin' out here."

"What's some mad bugger doing, waltzing all the way out here?" muttered Sniper (doing anything BUT muttering would be pointless, since Scout was the only one with a microphone).  He scanned the field until he located his teammate, then zoomed past him into the usually-empty bare fields and dirt road that stretched for miles between the base and the nearest town.  Well, there certainly was somebody out there.  Probably been in a car wreck or something, the poor sod - looked a bloody mess, literally.

Meanwhile Scout had stopped to stare, his attention easily diverted by something new.  "Hey, fagnuts, what the hell do you think you're doin' out here?  Kinda far for a fuckin' Sunday walk, ain't it?"

The pedestrian stopped the aimless wandering at the sound of the shouting voice, pausing for a moment before breaking into a surprisingly-fast sprint.  As the distance closed, the figure became clearer - a woman in jeans and a t-shirt, blood streaked over her face, wild-eyed.  She slammed into the bars of the gate at full force, shrieking and gibbering.

Scout stepped back, just out of range of her clawing arms.  "Ooooookaaaaaaay.  Medic, you might wanna come have a look here.  I think this is fucked up."

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So I was playing L4D last night.  If you're not familiar with the game it is basically a zombie movie in which you are one of the four main characters.  (Well, there's a Vs. mode where you can be one of the zombies, but I've only played on Campaign mode.)  There's a bunch of different kinds of zombies: your regular ones, who are the fast zombie type from movies like 28 Days Later (they're called The Infected, and it's one of those rabies-like infections), and who can be found all over the place and occasionally mass together into THE HORDE OMG and come to bite your teeth and face off, and some "Special Infected" who've been mutated by the infection.  Your Smoker is a dude who's got, like, a 100-foot-long tongue (or maybe it's his intestines who knows) and he sticks it out and wraps it around you and drags you up to him and shit and your buddies have to break you free or he claws your shit up and makes you a pinata for all the other zombies.  Your Boomer is a big fatty fat-fat who pukes all over and explodes into bile when you shoot him, and if you get any of his puke or bile on you, it's like a big COME EAT HERE -> sign for the horde.  The Witch is an emo chick who just kind of sits in the corner and cries, but if you go up and go "awwww cheer up emo girl what's wrong" she stands up and chases you with blinding speed until she can rip you to shreds with her claws (one-hit incapacitation on the easy levels, one-hit kill in expert mode).  The Tank is basically the Incredible Hulk and he throws cars at you and takes six years to kill.  My personal favourite is the Hunter, who is totes a parkour chav dude who screeches like some kind of man/dog/mountain lion hybrid and pounces on you like a wildcat so he can rip tits.  When a Hunter's on you you can't do shit-all, not even try to bop him with your pistols, you just have to lay there and take it like a man until either your fellow survivors drag him off of you or he feasts upon your rich red blood.

So yeah, the Hunter is typically kind of a bad news bear, but last night I was playing, and I heard the Hunter growling - they all make very distinctive noises so you can tell when one's around you - but I never heard him do his "IMA POUNCIN MAH LASERS" screech, so I didn't know wtf.  We were lost in an attempt to get to the safehouse - how we got lost I don't know, we were in one of the more linear levels, but we managed it - and I was waiting in a doorway while my friends checked out a building to see if there were any goodies in it.  I started getting hit by something, and I spun around thinking there was a zombie behind me trying to chew on my shoulder, but I didn't see anything.  Still getting hit by something, so I kept spinning, and looked DOWN this time.

The fucking Hunter was sprawled out on the ground PAWING AT MY FEET.  Like a kitten playing with my shoelaces or something.  The Hunter's AI is supposed to be programmed so when he's in direct line of sight to a survivor he crouches and growls at you, and usually then it's SCREECH N POUNCE time, but this one looked up at me, made eye contact, growled a little bit, and then went right back to playing with my shoelaces.

I honestly felt kind of guilty about capping him, at that point.  He was the cutest little infected I'd ever seen.  I bet if I'd turned my flashlight on I could have had him pouncing at it all over the tarmac, like a cat chasing a laser pointer.  CUTEST ZOMBIE EVAR
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this is what i've been doing (well, this and band practice) instead of meeting online social obligations for about a month now.  it's not finished but it's almost there - i have to write the big action/adventure sequence at the end and then bring it to a successful conclusion that leaves it open for sequels, since it was primarily envisioned as something cinematic. 

it began as tf2 fanfic but it isn't really tf2 fanfic at all.  i think all the information that's required to understand the setting can probably be inferred from what has been written. it's... kind of a humour piece, i suppose? character-driven genre satire

i took out the graphic sex for this post.  :V

The Fabulous Adventures of James & Bond, wip, part 1 )


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