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It was Ianto's Cupcake Day.

The Queen had declared that everyone was to have a special Cupcake Day, and today was Ianto's.  His was first, because he was special!

His cupcake was perfect.  It was his favourite colour and his favourite flavour and it had hundreds-and-thousands on (hundreds-and-thousands were his favourite).  It came on a pretty little saucer without any nasty paper wrapping to peel off and stay stuck to the bottom so it got in your mouth.  The saucer was Ianto's second-favourite colour, so that it coordinated with the cupcake just so.

There was also tea.

Ianto smiled happily at his cupcake.  No one could ever be unhappy on their special Cupcake Day! 

When he ate the cupcake, it was delicious.  It was just the right size so that he was full up of cupcake and didn't get sad from wanting more and didn't get ill in his tum-tum from having too much.  Then someone else washed the saucer and the teacup for him!

On Owen's special Cupcake Day he got one that looked like a titty.  It had a frosting nipple on it.
Gwen's cupcake had two halves of a cookie stuck in it.  It was a fairy cake!  The good kind of fairy, too.  Also the sprinkles did not get stuck between her big old gap teeth.
Jack's cupcake had the frosting in the middle, and nobody knows why.
Tosh's cupcake had bright pink icing and it also had hundreds-and-thousands on.  Ianto and Tosh became best friends because they both liked hundreds-and-thousands on their cupcakes!
Myfanwy's cupcake was made out of ground beef, and it made everyone else slightly queasy, but it was okay, because it was Myfanwy's special Cupcake Day, and that was all that mattered.

Wasn't it awfully nice of the Queen to do that?
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He is pretty.

More may be coming soon!


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