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In TOTALLY AWESOME news, it was announced today that we're all getting raises effective this Friday's paycheck!  I'm getting bumped up 12.5% to $9 an hour.
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It has been the Monday of all Mondays, my darlings; I have offended two people by seeming to glare at them (in actuality I was glaring at The Universe, and they merely happened to pass before my eyes while I did so), utterly failed to train the person who is to replace me on my former job because my telephone kept ringing, and gotten hopelessly behind on my new work because of the training and the phone. 

I have never been accustomed to leaving work unfinished on my desk when I leave.  I hope this doesn't become an ongoing problem, or I shall be in an utter quagmire by the end of the week.  It would be so much less oppressive if I weren't still working the phones for both my current client and my old one, but who knows when they'll get the telephone situation sorted out?  Even then, I'll still be handling a couple of my old responsibilities - the credit cards, of course, as they went to the trouble of turning a private eye loose on my financial background before they cleared me to do that, and the charge-batching for the private clinics, as they don't think it wise to start the new girl in doing all of the work I was doing (apparently my workload was higher than average anyway; they still have one girl doing the worker's comp and nothing else, where when I did worker's comp I was also doing collections, charge-batching and Blue Cross/Blue Shield) - but having fewer incoming calls will be an absolute godsend.

Yet, as stressed as I am, I'm actually excited about the job.  It's sort of empowering or something, being placed in charge of the entire account, you know?  I'm learning new things and working on developing relationships with people in different parts of the company - really owning the job, instead of just doing it by rote like I was.

On the other hand, I'm now far too busy to write fanfic between EOBs. haha
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Conversation between Peacock and I.

"I've got a credit card call for you.  And I'm sorry, I called you a girl."


"I usually try to call you all ladies.  They're going to think we're all 15, 16-year-old girls - except me, of course.  I have the manly-man voice."

"Oh, you so do.  The testosterone emanating from your cubicle threatens to overwhelm me on a regular basis."

"I have that effect on people.  As I'm walking down the hallway, it's just coming off me in waves, spurting everywhere - "

"OK, you've just crossed a line.  I don't really need to hear about when and where you're spurting - "

" - getting all over the filing cabinets, people - "

"Maybe you'd just better transfer that call now."
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Today, one of the insurance companies I called had the instrumental version of "Suicide is Painless" (the M*A*S*H theme) as their hold music.  That seemed a bit odd.


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