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One empty Martini & Rossi Vermouth bottle
Approx. 1/3 of a fifth of Smirnoff
One empty teabag
Some dried, pulverized juniper berries

Juniper goes in teabag.  Teabag goes in bottle.  Vodka goes in bottle.  Let sit for a while.  Taste it until it tastes good.

Dried juniper berries have a spicier taste than the fresh ones used in real gin, so it has a bit of a peppery kick after it goes down.  I like it.

For the wedding I want to buy an actual bathtub, one of those footy deals, and make some more of this in there, with $5 vodka.  (Have I mentioned in these pages the plan to have the wedding be set in the very early 1930s, with the reception in a basement done to be a speakeasy, and when Justin and I are ready to run out and hop the train to NYC, we'll give a prearranged signal to his brother, who will lead a group of "G-men" in to "raid the speak" and arrest Justin and I and trundle us into the back of a Model A to carry us down to the [train] station?  Because that will be the best wedding EVER.)
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titusnowl: (smoking couple)
I got a letter from Lucky Strike today informing me that they are discontinuing production of filtered Luckies in this country, but they're still making unfiltereds, and perhaps I would consider switching to Camel (they're owned by the same company).  The letter did NOT include (a) coupons to make switching to Camel easier nor (b) an offer to let me buy up the rest of their stock of the discontinued filters... Obviously I wouldn't really expect (b) but (a) would have been a nice gesture.  I bet I could write back and they'd send me some.

Dear Mr. Strike,
I was disheartened to receive your missive of the 15th inst. in which you informed me that you are discontinuing production of your filtered product.
The recommendation of Camel brand cigarettes as a replacement interests me, but how do I know this company will live up to the high expectations I have come to have for your quality cigarettes?
It is a sad thing to abandon one's loyalties, whatever the reason.  A principled man does not find it easy to switch allegiances, changing fealty like a gad-about.  I appreciate the honour you have shown in warning me of your pending action, but wish there were some way I could be assured that my next brand will be as worthy of devotion.
In other words, COUPONS?!?!?
Sincerely yours,
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Bought a packet of Bugler today.  It's $1.50 and purports to make 40 cigarettes, which even accounting for the fact that I get about 20% less useful smoking-tobacco out of it (I can't let it get too close to my fingers, so I end up with about about half the length of a filter unsmoked whenever I fire a filterless) is a clear profit over $5 for a pack of 20.  I chose Bugler brand because I have a 1930s-vintage tin from them.  It's actually a cigarette-tin, not a loose-tobacco-tin, but still. 

I couldn't roll for shit, so Justin's doing it.  Seems to be getting out alright.

It's a nice enough tobacco.  Might try to make a custom blend by mixing it with some pipe-tobacco, if you can do such things.


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