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The most recent Tropical Storm is named Noel.  My first thought was "I've been to a wonderful hurricane party."
 Any little wind can gust,
 Any little gale can blow,
 Any little storm can cause a little rain
 Raise a little hell, be a little hurricane
 Any little cloud can float
 Over any little island, too
 But I can't do anything at all
 But just love you!

Apparently he's really upset about not getting enough egg rolls, and is taking it out on the poor Caribbean. 


Apr. 21st, 2007 06:45 pm
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The idea is to create a crossover 'verse for all the 1920s/1930s literature I can possibly squeeze in there.

Going by the latest publication date for Psmith and the earliest for the Saint, the two characters are the same age.  If you allow for a few years to go by, and assume that Wodehouse knew of what he spoke when he said Psmith ended up being a Perry Mason sort of defense attorney, the type who get their clients declared not guilty by convincing the jury that somebody else who isn't even on trial was the one who really dunnit, and moreover consider that he's not likely to care whether or not his client or the alternate target actually WAS the one who dunnit so long as he wins the argument, circumstances that would lead to Simon Templar and R. Psmith (The P Is Silent As In Pterodactyl and Psychic) making each others' acquaintance readily present themselves to the active and imaginative mind.

Also in the mix are Lord Peter Wimsey, whose detectivey instincts may also lead his path to intersect the Saint's, and Bertie Wooster, who wouldn't get mixed up in anything with anyone except that he's of the right social class and a member of at least one club in common with Psmith (who's never struck me as a good candidate for the Drones, really, but it's canon).

A throwaway remark by Roger Conway in "Saint Overboard" about having spent a dreary weekend holed up at a house party in Shropshire gives us an in - Psmith is from Shropshire, and the population of that county is small enough that it wouldn't be a big stretch to say he was at the party as well.

Cameos may occur from characters in Georgette Heyer's "Blunt Instrument," since I have a copy of it to use and it's also in the same milieu.

If I'm missing anything, suggest!
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Psmith-mun: one of noel coward's long-term relationships (19 years)
Psmith-mun: was with prince george, the duke of kent
Psmith-mun: i did not think they let you stay in the royal family if they caught you fucking noel coward
Strawberry Speedster: LOL
Strawberry Speedster: but killing prostitutes' hunky-dorey
Psmith-mun: right
Psmith-mun: apparently prince george was a bit of a manwhore
Psmith-mun: slept around with EVERTHANG, man and woman
Psmith-mun: "cultivated, effeminate, and smelling too strongly of perfume"
Strawberry Speedster: lololol
Psmith-mun: and then he joined up when wwii started, of course, and his plane crashed and he died. the end
Psmith-mun: he was only 40 when he died which means he spent half his life fuckign noel coward
Strawberry Speedster: whooot
Psmith-mun: i wonder how his wife felt about that
Strawberry Speedster: hjahaha
Psmith-mun: they were going to make him (prince george, not noel coward) king of poland
Psmith-mun: but then hitler invaded before they could give him the crown
Strawberry Speedster: if he was as mcuh a manwhore as he sounds
Strawberry Speedster: perhaps she was quite happy to get him out of her bed every once in awhile
Psmith-mun: i suppose fucking noel coward was sort of The Done Thing for manwhores at the time
Psmith-mun: seriously there are ten *well-known* people he had affairs with
Psmith-mun: plus his wife, plus the ones who aren't famous enough to list
Strawberry Speedster: lol
Psmith-mun: this is prince george not noel coward
Psmith-mun: i have never counted noel coward's boyfriends
Psmith-mun: and i'm only counting prince george's 'cause they're listed in the wiki
Strawberry Speedster: lolol
Strawberry Speedster: sounds like a horndo
Strawberry Speedster: g
Psmith-mun: PLUS he got blackmailed twice by two different male prostitutes
Psmith-mun: although if he was getting THAT much sex from real people why would hebother with male prostitutes
Psmith-mun: (haha prostitutes aren't real apparently)
Strawberry Speedster: LOL
Strawberry Speedster: nymphomaniac
Strawberry Speedster: jfk-disease
Psmith-mun: ok here is some random information
Psmith-mun: starting with kiefer sutherland
Psmith-mun: he once played william s. burroughs in a film called "beat"
Psmith-mun: the real live william s. burroughs got arrested for leaving a paper trail about pot delivery with allen ginsberg
Psmith-mun: (incidentally, he was constantly trying to get allen ginsberg to sleep with him, and never succeeded.)
Psmith-mun: burroughs fled to mexico to keep himself out of prison, and brought his common-law wife with him
Psmith-mun: and while they were in mexico
Psmith-mun: they got drunk
Psmith-mun: and decided it would be a fun thing to do
Psmith-mun: if they played william tell
Psmith-mun: and you can guess that this ends badly
Strawberry Speedster: oh god
Psmith-mun: so yeah
Strawberry Speedster: lol
Psmith-mun: he shot her in the face.
Psmith-mun: he spent exactly thirteen days in jail
Psmith-mun: before his brother came down and bought off the judges and shit
Psmith-mun: and then he went back to america, tried again to sleep with allen ginsberg, failed again, and instead ran off to morocco to live with a teenaged male prostitute.
Strawberry Speedster: lol
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Hahaha.  There was a commercial on for Family Guy wherein Stewie was singing a song which COMPLETELY sounded like something by Noel Coward.

My manner, quite effete
Is mistaken on the street
For a sailor who can pirouette on cue
Well, despite your point of view
I can thrill a girl or two
But I'd rather get it on with you
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You know what, Noel Coward?  FUCK YOU.  You couldn't even tell me how many spring rolls you needed, PLUS your butler or valet or whoever the fuck he was is an asshole, PLUS you insulted my hat, PLUS you fleeced me at poker and you KNEW I didn't know how to play.  NOEL COWARD, YOU CAN EAT A BAG OF DICKS.


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